About ZR Associates

The ZRA Difference

ZRA’s team brings to all clients the capabilities and experience of the best international consultancies while keeping the entire experience and transaction fully “local”.

Since its incorporation in 1998, our preference is to bring to clients senior consultants who will work hands-on, personally, on projects rather than just direct the efforts of less experienced and less capable junior staff once a project has been awarded.

Our consultants are all experienced professionals who were previously senior managers and directors of multinational firms – their skills equal, or in some cases, exceed those of their successors at those firms.

To strive for client-satisfaction, we consistently look for fresh and innovative ways to enhance our clients’ business. Armed with strategic thinking, creative research approach and responsive client service, we collaborate with a consortium of dedicated and experienced professional researchers to provide in-depth marketing research that spans a wide variety of industries, study types, and analytical techniques.

The results?

  • strategic direction
  • actionable data, and
  • effective new products and services


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